ARD Developments Ltd can offer a start to finish conversion, we will be happy to help guide you through the whole process, from initial ideas, designs, planning and approvals, to the completed loft conversion itself.



This type is normally carried out where the loft space itself is not normally large enough for the conversion.  By using the roof space it can extend the overall height of the room. Commonly used when extra head room is needed for added en suites.



The Mansard loft conversion was a preferred design a few years ago in certain areas to conform to surrounding designs. The roof is flat, along with cheeks (sides) that are usually tiled or brick depending what fits its character best.



Generally this conversion is constructed within the existing roof area. This is possible when the appropriate height of the existing loft space is adequate, and the use of a roof light such as Velux can be used as a source of natural lighting.

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